Cider and Perry

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What is Real Cider and Perry

Real cider and perry is produced using unpasteurized apple (cider) or pear (perry) juice with no use of juice concentrates, artificial colourings or flavourings and only the naturally available sugars in the fruit (though in years when the level of natural sugar is low the addition of extra sugar to aid fermentation is acceptable).

In the pub, depending on facilities and turnover, real cider and perry can be served through a handpump, from a polycask or similar container or from a ‘bag in a box’. When served, there should be no added carbonation for draught products.

Where can I drink real cider and perry?

In the Local Pubs section of this website, on the WhatPub website and in the Good Beer Guide look out for the Apple Symbol symbol in the pub features list and you will know it serves real cider or perry.

Please help - much as we would like to visit all the pubs in our area on a regular basis it isn’t really practical so updates from the public (members and non-members alike) are invaluable for keeping our information up to date. If you know of a pub that is selling real cider or perry and it is not showing as such send us an e-mail and we’ll make sure the pub details are updated.

Local Cider and Perry Producers

Check out the Welsh Perry and Cider Society website for information on other producers and events in Wales.

Under Threat

Although there has been a recent resurgence of public interest in real cider and perry, there are still not that many pubs serving real cider and even fewer offering real perry.

There is also concern that recent reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy may result in landowners being paid for "grubbing up" their trees. In a worst case scenario without trees there will be no fruit and without the fruit there will be no cider or perry.

You can find out more about CAMRA’s cider and perry campaigns and awards on the CAMRA National website.